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9th Afro-Asian Zonal Championship Final
9th Afro-Asian CC championship, Prel
8th Afro-Asian Zonal Championship Final
8th Afro-Asian championship, Prel
7th email Afro-Asian championship - Final
1st West African Championship (WACC)
5th African Continental Championships Group A
5th African Continental Championships Group B
4th Asian CC championship
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Friendly matches

ICCF Zone 4 - Sweden
TD Nikhil Kamat (IND): nikhil_kamat@vsnl.net
Czech Republic - ICCF Zone 4
England (BFCC) - ICCF Zone 4
Austria - ICCF Zone 4
Romania - Africa/Asia zonal
TD Iain Smuts (RSA): sacca@xsinet.co.za
Zonal Champions


Register to all events by email: office@chess4all.org
02.06.2011 Report of the Zonal Director (Enter)
07.05.2008 FRANCE-AFRICA TEAM MATCH (Enter) - register to these teams at your national federation. Algier and Ghana has sent their first teams.
30.04.2008 ASIAN CUP 2008 (Enter)
31.03.2008 BULGARIA-AFRICA/ASIA Match (Enter)
15.02.2008 AA-S-10 started as scheduled
AA-S-10 just need 3 players to start as scheduled 15.02.2008

Register by email: office@chess4all.org

18.02.2008 GERMANY-AFRICA LADIES MATCH starts with 5  boards; Laba, BUR, Quansah, Akoibilla and Abulisonga, GHA, and Tchei, CIV, playing Africa Team.
10.02.2008 5th ASIAN FINAL starts with 9 players
01.02.2008 11th AA PREL starts with 8 Groups/80 players
18.01.2008 Zone 4 Calendar in pdf file (Enter)
18.01.2008 Zone 4 Newsletter 01 in pdf file (Enter)
01.01.2008 Message from Dinand Knol (Enter)
01.01.2008 We congratulate our new Zonal Director (ZD) Dr Ole Jacobsen of Ghana who has just been elected.
01.01.2008 Results of ICCF Zonal Director elections (Enter)
01.01.2008 Welcome to Togo and Ivory Coast as new member federations (MF) to ICCF and our zone
01.01.2008 The 5th Asian continental championship will start during Jan 2008 and not Dec 2007 as previously announced - Iain Smuts will be the TD.
01.01.2008 The 9th Afro/Asian championship final will start on 2 Jan 2008 - Mr.Knol will be the TD (Enter)
01.01.2008 Report of the Zonal Director (Enter)
01.11 Announcement of the 5th Asian CC Championship (Enter)
01.11 Announcement of the 11th Africa/Asia CC Championship (Enter)
01.11 Announcement of the 9th Africa/Asia CC Championship Final (Enter)
24.07 Announcement of the 2nd African Club Team Championship (2ACTC) (Enter)
17.07 Announcement of the 3rd SPORT FOR ALL Invitational (3rd SFAI) for ladies players (Enter)
10.03 Announcement of the invitational tournament FOGLAR veterans (Enter)

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Announcements from the Zonal Director

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Newsletter 01/2008
ICCF Congress 2007 Benalmádena - Spain - Report of the Zonal Director for Africa and Asia
ICCF Congress 2006 Dresden - Report of the Zonal Director for Africa and Asia
Germany's 60 year open world tournament
Interzonal 2006
5th African CC Championship
10th Africa/Asia CC Championship
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